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How It Works

Virtual running is no different to other types of running. The only difference is that the entered run can be completed at any location, at any pace, indoors on a treadmill or outdoors or in any country! All you have to do is sign up, run and provide evidence that you have completed it. That's it!

Step 1

Sign up and join the run
Choose a run you would like to complete and run it anywhere, anytime, with anyone – at your own pace. Please make sure to observe social distancing and follow guidance from public health authorities.

Step 2

Submit your results online.
Upload screenshot as proof that you have completed the run using any app or system you prefer, such as Nike Run Club, Garmin, Strava etc.

Step 3

Get your medal
Once we’ve reviewed your results, we’ll add you to the results page and send your race entitlements through the post.

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Unix Sporting is a team of entrepreneurs working together to bring unique sporting events to the Maldives. We are passionate about creating new experiences to bring joy and togetherness to the community.

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