Charity Partners

When you run with Run for Maldives, you are giving back to the community and supporting frontline workers and vulnerable populations deeply affected by Covid-19.
Run for Maldives has partnered with Maldives Thalassemia Society. A percentage from all revenue generated from registration fees will be donated to support the following causes.

Maldives Thalassaemia Society

We are supporting Maldives Thalassemia Society so that Thalassemia patients have an equal chance in life. Maldives Thalassemia Society has been working towards enhancing the quality of lives for Thalassemia patients in Maldives since 1994.Maldives has the highest prevalence of Thalassemia in the world (18%) with 1 in every 5 person being a carrier, and 1 in every 30 marriages between two carriers, as a consequence 1 in every 120 live birth is a child affected with Thalassemia. As such, Thalassemia is a major public health concern in the country. This place an immeasurable emotional, psychological and economic burden on affected families.Covid-19 has increased the burden on Thalassemia patients and their families as movement restrictions has created reductions in blood donations because of sickness and public health restrictions. Blood donation and transfusion are crucial and essential services especially for thalassemics. Run for Maldives will raise funds for MTS to
  • support their ongoing program to improve access to proper and standard treatment for all patients in the country, especially for those who need bone marrow transplants
  • and support the procurement of crucial yet expensive medical items such as Thalaset needles (that are not available in the mainstream health facility)

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