What is a virtual online run?
A virtual run event is similar to a traditional running event except the participant completes it wherever they want within a given time frame. The run is recorded on their own and results are uploaded and then rewarded with medals or other benefits.
How does Run for Maldives Virtual Runs work?
You will need to select a distance, run and make sure to record it using any app suitable to you. Enter the results on your profile page and upload proof (screenshot) to earn yourself a medal or run entitlements for that particular run.
When do I receive my finisher medal and Tshirt?
Once you have completed the run by uploading your results, and done “Finish Run”. Normally it will take about 1 week within Maldives and 3-4 weeks outside Maldives. However due to any unforeseen delays in shipping from abroad please expect some late deliveries. Deliveries are not available for some events. Please check event information.
Can I collect my run entitlements?
Yes. For some runs, delivery service might not be available. There will be collection depots where you can collect your run entitlements within a given time period.
I do not live in the Maldives, can I still register for an event?
Yes. Run for Maldives is open to everyone around the world.
Will I get a refund if I cancel my registration?
We do understand that situations may come up where you may request a refund on your registration. Refer to our refund policy in terms and conditions.
Can I transfer my registration to another person?
Yes. You can send a request to hello@unixsporting.com 1 week before running duration or run period.
When is the last day to register?
Please check the Event Page/Run Page for specific due dates for each run.
How do I register?
Choose a run on the Find a run page on our website. Follow the instructions to register. You will receive an email confirmation once you register. Once registration is complete you will get a profile page where you can upload and check your results.
Where can I run?
In Run for Maldives virtual runs, you can run anywhere, inside your home or even outdoors. You choose where you will run, make sure you follow guidelines from your local authorities. Observe social distancing where necessary!
Where can I find my run results?
Under your profile, My Runs.
Can I resubmit my results?
Yes. You can resubmit as long as you have NOT clicked "Finished Running"
How do I change run categories?
Please get in touch with Run for Maldives through the Contact Us page on www.runformaldives.com at least 7 days before the run starts if you want to change run categories. The dates will change depending on the run.
Can kids participate in Run for Maldives virtual run?
Anyone above 5 yrs can register for Run for Maldives. We recommend parental supervision for children at all times.
What if I dont run and upload results?
There is no way for us to verify your results. Online runs are based on honesty. We encourage to run and have fun!
How do I upload results?
You must record your run using a running app suitable to you. There will be a results page after the run starts. You can upload your results manually and upload a screenshot of the run recorded using a running app. The screenshot must display the time and distance in Km or Miles.
How does the 870Km Team event work?
You will need a maximum 5 member team. Each member will have to register separately. After all the members have been registered, one member or team leader can create team by inviting the team members to the team using their bib numbers. The 870km has to be completed by the team in maximum 21 runs per person within the run period.
870km in 21 Runs?
Yes!. This means that the team needs to complete the distance collectively. Its up to the team to decide who runs more or less or if everyone should run the same distance everyday. 21 runs doesn't have to be consecutive.
What is Laamu Link, Addu Link? Do I have to run at those locations?
Laamu Link, Addu Link and City Link are the names we have given to the categories. You can run these runs anywhere in the world
What is the Marathon Finisher Medal?
When you complete our 5.5K, 16K and 21K and join your medals, it will form the Marathon Finisher Medal. Its a medal representing you as a Marathon Finisher. The total distance of the 3 categories covers the Marathon Distance of 42.2Km.

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