Roadha Run - iRunners

$ 45.40
MVR 200.00 For Maldivians
Registration Fee
13 Apr 2021, 12:00 AM 29 May 2021, 11:59 AM
Running Period
Run Information
Organized by iRunners
Contact: 999-3210

Please read the instructions carefully!

Fee : 0MVR
Training Plan: 50MVR
Race T-Shirt: 200MVR
FInisher Medal: 200MVR

When registering through the portal, make sure to select "without run entitlements" for FREE registrations.

Challenge Rules
Runners are required to run every day for the month of Ramadan.
Runners have to run at least 25 days in Ramadan to qualify for Finisher Medal.
Runners have to upload their run stats or run’s information to website portal every day

Registration Rules
All participants must register through the online registration portal.
Participants must be fully aware of the risks involved in their participation in the race, in regards to possible injury, damages, or harm to their health.
Every runner participates in the event at his/her own free will.
Every runner participates in the event on his/her own responsibility and bears full responsibility as to his/her fitness condition and ability to participate.
Upon confirmation of the registration, no further change regarding the selected t-shirt size of the
runner is allowed.

At irunners, for each race we always have a limited number of slots available because we choose
quality over quantity. Where does the registration fee go? Organizing a virtual event is not a small
feat, website design, hosting, database design, medal design, tee shirt design, marketing and
thousands of hours we have spent over the year to bring this event. That is why we don’t offer

Medal & Tee shirt delivery
Race kits can be personally collected by the registered runners from the selected locations in Malé City, Addu City, Fuvahmulah City & Kulhudhuffushi City.

A registered runner may authorize another person to collect his/her race bib on his/her behalf, as
mentioned above, presenting an authorization by the registered runner on the responsibility, of the latter, as well as a copy of the ID card or other legal identification document (for example passport, driving license) of the registered runner.

In order to collect race medals and race tee shirts, it is required, in addition to presenting ID card or other legal identification document (e.g. passport, driving license) of the registered runner, to also present a copy of the “confirmation e-mail ” that is sent to all registered runners.
Race tee shirts and medals that are not properly collected during the announced days and hours,
may not be collected under no circumstances thereafter.

Weekly Awards
We will be giving away one breakfast for a winner every week. To be eligible for the award, runners have to run every single day and upload to runner’s portal. Winner will be selected by a Facebook live event on 7th, 14th, 21st and 29th of Ramadan 1442.
Those living outside Malé and Addu City, we will be giving away a breakfast from a cafe in the
island they are living in.
Run Entitlements
Name Bib No Total Time Distance Run.

Firudhaus Ibrahim

12290 55:01:33

500.000 km

Ibrahim Ibrahim

12230 50:58:01

500.000 km

Abdulla Abdulla

12244 49:36:15

500.000 km

Abdul Abdul

12280 51:06:17

500.000 km

Nizmeena Ahmed

12380 48:55:21

403.8 km


12520 53:59:00

387.09 km

Nasreena Nasreena

12238 67:02:16

350.41 km

ahmed ashraph

12266 33:28:51

322.3 km

Nahid Nahid

12378 29:40:42

280.31 km

Aminath Aminath

12234 41:50:53

252.42 km


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