WAAW Virtual Run

MVR 0.00 For Maldivians
Registration Fee
18 Nov 2021, 12:00 AM 25 Nov 2021, 02:00 PM
Running Period
Run Information
World Antimicrobial Awareness Week Virtual Run.
A run organized by iRunners.

Run Details.

1- Registration is open to public for 5k. Runners must register through official
registration website.
Upon registration, all participants will be eligible to receive a tee shirt.

2- Run Dates After registration, runners have to complete the run between 18th November 2021 to 24th November 2021.

3- Runners may use one of the following apps to track the run or any other fitness app.
1- Strava
2- Adidas Running
3- Nike Running
4- Asics Runkeeper
5- Garmin Connect
4- Virtual Finisher Medal

Runners must use Runners Portal to upload Run stats including distance and time.
When it is uploaded, runners will get a virtual finisher medal on the website. Finishers will also get a reusable water bottle after the event.

Registration Rules
All participants must register through the online registration portal.
Participants must be fully aware of the risks involved in their participation in the race, in regards to possible injury, damages, or harm to their health.
Every runner participates in the event at his/her own free will.
Every runner participates in the event on his/her own responsibility and bears full responsibility as to his/her fitness condition and ability to participate.
Upon confirmation of the registration, no further change regarding the selected tshirt size of the runner is allowed.

Tee Shirt Collection:
Tee Shirts can be personally collected by the registered runners from Malé City.
A registered runner may authorize another person to collect his/her tee shirt on his/her behalf, as mentioned above, presenting an authorization by the registered runner on the responsibility, of the latter, as well as a copy of the ID card or other legal identification document (for example passport, driving license) of the registered runner.

In order to collect race tee shirts, it is required, in addition to presenting ID card or other legal identification document (e.g. passport, driving license) of the registered runner, to also present a copy of the “confirmation e-mail ” that is sent to all registered runners.

Race tee shirts that are not properly collected during the announced days and hours, may not be collected under no circumstances thereafter.

For more information please call 9993210 Coach Shuja
Name Bib No Total Time Distance Run.

aish aish

13480 01:40:06

5.000 km

Nizmeena Ahmed

13920 01:20:01

5.000 km

Ibrahim Ibrahim

13390 00:59:03

5.000 km

Mohamed Mohamed

13658 00:55:19

5.000 km

Ali Mohamed

13514 01:03:44

5.000 km

Aishath Nihad

13836 01:41:14

5.000 km

Hassan Hassan

13508 00:57:09

5.000 km

Athifa Ibrahim

14288 01:12:38

5.000 km

Ahmed Ageel

13894 01:41:00

5.000 km

Hassan Hassan

13880 01:22:00

5.000 km


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